We, Kameoka Construction, started our business as a construction company in Fukushima City in 1968, and are set to celebrate our 56 anniversary in 2024. Our mission is to create. In the current manufacturing landscape, there is a growing need not only to create new things, but also to reuse existing resources, fostering a sustainable society for future generations. We quickly aligned with this vision, and in 2021, integrated the philosophy of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our corporate strategy. In 2023, we launched a new project called “A-UN, Kameoka Construction’s Old House Restoration”. This project focuses on recycling old materials and relocating old houses both domestically and internationally, breathing new life into old structures. We would like to collaborate with overseas companies to protect and pass on the value of Japan’s beautiful and valuable old materials and old folk houses. On the other hand, we have adopted Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and Safety Engineering (SE) construction methods, innovative techniques that broaden the potential of new wooden structures. We are committed to enhancing our construction technology across the company. We also incorporate construction methods that are being reevaluated in light of modern earthquake-resistant technology, such as the traditional Japanese wooden framework construction method. These refined techniques are the result of our experiences with earthquakes. We will generously share the knowledge we have acquired from these disasters to enhance architectural safety worldwide. Our role is to enrich homes, livelihoods, and lives. It is our pleasure and pride to be a part of this industry since our founding. We will continue to collaborate with everyone to build a society where people can lead richer lives with limited resources.

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Here are some typical examples of our work at Kameoka Construction.
Our business is wide-ranging, and we have been engaged in work related largely to urban development since our establishment :
– Public works is the maintenance of the city ;
– Large-scale wood construction, which is large-scale construction using wood construction techniques ;
– Wooden housing to create comfortable and safe homes ;
– Medical, welfare, and commercial facilities, which are essential to the operation of the city ;
– Rehabilitating old houses, which not only creates new buildings but also reuses old ones to create new value.
We will continue to be deeply involved in housing, living, and urban development.

A-UN history


In the fall of 2022, we attended BATIMAT 2022, the largest architecture trade show in France, to research the European market and find partners. This decision was made at a time when all kinds of events in Japan were being restrained due to the Corona disaster. We, Kameoka Construction Co., Ltd., were the only Japanese company to participate. On the wall of our booth, we displayed our concept, “Bringing traditional Japanese old houses overseas”. We handed out pamphlets explaining our business and laid out our booth in such a way as to convey Japanese culture, which attracted more visitors than expected. At the same time, we realized that Japan’s cultural traditions are being viewed with respect in the West.


Our first overseas expansion was the export of old timber to Taiwan. We were told that there was a building in an area that had been developed based on the concept of a beautiful Japanese satoyama, and that they would like to use Japanese old timber. This was the beginning of this project. The old timber, which was carefully removed from the demolition of an old private house and has grown beautifully over the years, was partially used in the new building. This project was realized by generating exact 3D data from the old timbers stored in a warehouse in Aizu and exchanging design drawings many times in cooperation with a local construction company.